Thursday, January 18, 2018

Prochem® Triad AFD

Once again Prochem is introducing another innovation product for the restoration industry, the Prochem Air Filtration Device (AFD). The AFD is an attachable filtration device for the Prochem Triad air mover.

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A Prochem Portable to suite your needs

A Portable to suite your needs.

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Great Savings On Chemical

For The Prochem BIG Spender

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Prochem® Triad Air Mover.


Triad refers to Triple Advantage, which combines high-performance, ergonomics, and space savings. The Triad is the first air mover in the industry to utilize “Thrust Fan” technology.

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Steve Adams: Air Fresh Carpet Cleaning, Glenbrook N.S.W.

“When you buy these machines, you go out everyday with a van full of confidence!”

Steve Adams, Air Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Glenbrook N.S.W.


Neil: Boambee Carpet Cleaning

“Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and communication during my recent purchase of the Legend GT.

Your fit out of the machine is first class and the instructions on operating it were easily understood. This machine has exceeded my expectations with its HOT water and ample vacuum”

Neil, Boambee Carpet Cleaning



Prochem pioneered the development  of engine powered truck mounted extraction carpet cleaning machines over 40 years ago. Using only the best quality components and engineering excellence, Prochem truck mounts provide cleaning performance with long lasting durability for the professional and commercial cleaner worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »


November Specials

Maximise your 50% tax deduction on the new range of GT or GTX Prochem Truckmounts.

Savings on the Peak GTX, Legend GT and the Blazer GT.

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ProCaps Deluxe

Quick Clean, Quick Dry.



October Specials

Carpet Protector Plus

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Double your profits and protect what you have cleaned. Formulated with the latest technology and acid dye resistors to repel against
oil and water based stains, AND food stains and spills. Proven results and significant profits. A Woolsafe Approved product. Read the rest of this entry »

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