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From humble beginnings in Townsville, Queensland 1999, Prochem Australia was born. Brett Holman had a strong vision to build a successful business based on a committment to best product supply, service and customer training. As a result, Prochem Australia has quickly expanded throughout Australia and is now considered the largest and most professional supplier to the professional Carpet and Tile cleaning industry in Australia.

From Self-Confessed Cowboy to Professional Businessman:

Brett was a professional shooter in Outback Queensland before moving to Townsville in 1993 to start his own carpet cleaning business. Having no experience and sub-standard equipment made it difficult to acheive good results. "I was one of the cowboys back then as I knew no differently at the time."

In 1994, Brett completed a business plan through the Queensland Small Business Corporation and accredited training in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning, Spot removal and Water Damage Restoration. This launched the business to the next level as every part of the business was analysed and systemised - the equipment, chemicals, cleaning processes, uniforms and marketing.

The new Mission Statement for his business became:
First we will be Best,
Then we will be First.

And that is exactly what occurred. In 1996 the hard work started paying off by winning the Best Van Award for Australia, and then the prestigious Carpet Cleaner of the Year Award for Australia in 1997. In 1998, Brett was a nominated finalist in the North Queensland Business Owner of the Year awards. In that same year, has was approached by Prochem USA to represent their product line throughout Australia which was an honour.

To grow the Prochem name, Brett identified the need to centralise Prochem business and moved to Melbourne where he continued to build and rapidly expand. Within a few short years, Prochem Australia has grown from humble beginnings in North Queensland to an operation that has expanded nationwide with stores located in Melbourne and Brisbane, and service agents in Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

Brett is now also a qualified IICRC Instructor in Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others in the industry to help them grow their businesses like he did. Brett believes that if he could make his business a success given his background and lack of experience, then anybody can and he is happy to share his experience and knowledge.

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Prochem Australia is a multi-award winning company, both locally and internationally. We strive to be the leader in the Carpet and Tile cleaning industry by offering the best quality products from around the world, and the highest quality training courses to assist our customers to be successful business owners.

Our people, their experience and professionalism is what makes our company unique. You will notice the difference when you choose to do business with a professional and caring company. The majority of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, not flashy marketing.

We are known for standing behind the products that we sell and supporting our customers who choose to do business with our company. This is reflected in our strong and steady growth year after year regardless of economic conditions.

International Awards:

1999 Prochem Rookie Dealer of the Year
2000 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2000 Millennium Award for Rolling Roadshow
2001 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2002 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2003 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2004 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2005 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2006 Prochem International Dealer of the Year
2008 Prochem International Dealer of the Year

Australian Awards:

2000 - Best Stand Award, Cleanbiz South Australia
2002 - Industry Support Award Winner, Cleanbiz Queensland
2002 - Highly Commended in Business Achievers Awards 95% Customer Satisfaction
2003 - Highly Commended in Business Achievers Awards 97% Customer Satisfaction
2004 - Best Stand Award, Ausclean Brisbane
2004 - Dunn and Bradstreet Finalist Business of the Year, Manufacturing
2005 - Industry Support Award Winners, Cleanlink Tasmania
2007 - Best Stand Award, Cleanlink South Australia

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Why Choose Prochem Australia

Flashy marketing is always an eye opener. It looks good but what depth is there?

Prochem set themselves apart from the competition in many ways.

1.  Support of the world leading company with a world class reputation for the innovation of truckmount and chemicals

2.  Not all suppliers are the same, just as not all equipment is the same. On face value, putting 2 pieces of equipment together they may both look shiny, new. What sets one apart from the other is the technology, R&D and testing that has been performed to reach the final product. Prochem hold the prestigious number 1 position in the industry for a reason. They set the benchmark for others to follow. They are innovators not imitators.

3.  You will receive far more value for your dollar with Prochem. Less downtime, less maintenance, more power.

4.  Prochem is number 1 in the truckmount industry with a commanding lead over its top competitors. Professional cleaners know how important a quality manufactured truckmount is to the success of their business. That is why 92% of current truckmount owners are likely to make their next truckmount a Prochem.

5.  Among the top truckmount manufacturers, Prochem truckmounts reportedly have the best reputation. This information is based on an extensive market study in the USA.

6.  Prochem's New Generation truckmounts were developed with ease of maintenance as the top priority.

7.  You get what you pay for and that is true with Prochem. The engineering excellence, superior design, quality manufacturing and industry leading support associated with a Prochem truckmount is great value. It is what comes after the initial sale that is important. Will you be supported with service, immediate parts supply, comprehensive warranty support etc.

8.  The best resale value, proven over and over again. This is an obvious benefit to anyone in business. When you're ready to upgrade your operation and buy new or better equipment, resale value is an important factor. With a reputation for fuel efficiency, high heat, reliability and operational simplicity, Prochem truckmounts are the most sought after pre-owned units in the marketplace.

9.  Our guaranteed buy back program is unique to Prochem Australia, we guarantee to by your truckmounts back at the 1,2,3 or 4 year mark providing it has been operated and serviced according to the Prochem manual. We also guarantee to pay you a minimum of 50% of the purchase price in the first year, 40% in the second year, 30% in the third year and 20% in the forth year and there-after. There is no fine print. This rock solid guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind. You will never be left with a unit that has poor resale valve or worth less than the lease payout. As well as the financial benefit, our Guaranteed Buy Back Program will ensure you will always be up to date with the latest technology Prochem has to offer. Another reason why investing in a Prochem truckmount is a smart business decision.

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