Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

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Prochem's carpet cleaning chemicals have a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in the carpet and tile cleaning industry. Our formulations are developed to meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria. We test every batch for 100% consistency providing you the same quality every time. You can trust Prochem products to be consistently the best, which is why leading carpet manufactures like Shaw Industries endorse the use of Prochem products, and professional bodies such as the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) approve our products.

There are many copy cats who try to replicate Prochem's unique designs and fall short everytime. When your reputation depends on it, why settle for less.



Carpet Presprays

Prochem offer a complete range of premium, cost effective presprays with up to 1:64 true dilutions. They cater for all fibre types, are safe in use, and have unmatched Minimum Residue-Maximum Clean technology?.
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Adding an Emulsifier to your rinse water will dramatically improve your cleaning results. Carpets are left soft, clean and free of soil-attracting residues. Save time and improve results cost effectively and easily!
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Upholstery Rug

Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

Delicate fibres require special care and cleaning products to prevent costly problems such as dye bleeding, fibre damage and browning. Our specialty range of Fine Fabric products will equip you with what you need.
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Upholstery Rug

Leather Care System

A superior 2 step system to clean and nourish finished leathers. The system effectively removes typical grime and oils yet is gentle on leather surfaces.
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Professionally formulated to provide pleasant every-day deodorising, and the muscle to tackle tough malodours caused by animal waste, sewerage backups, flood and fire damage.
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Encap & Bonnet

Encapsulation Cleaning

Prochem have employed revolutionary technology to create a maintenance cleaning system ideal for commercial carpets. You can expect high performance and consistent results in conjunction with a Hot Water Extraction program. Endorsed by Collins and Aikmen - the world's largest commercial carpet manufacturer.
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Upholstery Rug

Spot & Stain Removers

Prochem's unique range gives the professional cleaners the perfect balance between tough spot treatment and safety in use. The formulations have also been designed with easy rinsing, anti-resoiling and fabric care in mind.
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Carpet & Fabric Protector

Double your profits and protect what you have cleaned. Formulated with the latest technology and acid dye resistors to repel against oil and water based stains, AND food stains and spills. Proven results and significant profits. Woolsafe Approved products.
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Additives & Speciality Products

Unique, high-tech products for specific cleaning situations.
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Hard Surfacing Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning professionals who want to diversify. The Prochem Hard Surface Cleaning System is an excellent way to diversify and expand info ceramic tile cleaning where square foot prices typically offer substantially higher profits.
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