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Spot Pro

Spot Pro Special

Was $1495
now $995

The Spot Pro is a miniature extraction system with plenty of pressure to adequately wet and rinse as needed and enough lift to provide a good extraction on most every carpet or fabric. When you finish your cleaning, just dump the waste into a sink or toilet and you’re finished, and what a convenient opportunity to show the customer the dirty waste water confirming the effectiveness of your cleaning!

Wrap up the Spot Pro’s cord and you’re off to the next job.

The Spot Pro is even more profitable when you team it up with the Prochem Professional Spotting Kit $286.00

Buy a Spot Pro and a Prochem Professional Spotting Kit for only $1245.00 and save $536.00

Prochem Triad
Prochem Triad
Prochem Triad
Prochem Triad

March,April & May 2010 Monthly Specials
March,April & May 2010 Monthly Specials



Prochem Presents A New Standard In Air Movers

Triad refers to Triple Advantage, which combines high-performance, ergonomics, and space savings.


The Triad is the first air mover in the industry to utilize “Thrust Fan” technology. Using this technology, the Triad offers the most critical elements for best evaporation results, high static pressure, high airflow volume and high velocity. Also, no longer do you need to compromise evaporation rates due to power limitations. Eight Triads can easily be daisy-chained on a 12 Amp circuit! This significantly increases faster evaporation potential!

The Triad creates labor efficiency and speed. Weighing only 9.8 kilos lbs., the Triad is lighter in weight than conventional air movers, and the "briefcase-style" handle makes the air mover very easy to transport.

Space Savings
The Triad also offers the best space maximization in the industry. With the Triad being almost one-half the size of conventional air movers, you can fit up to twice as many air movers your vehicle, which will produce savings on transportation costs.

The Triad’s design and size offers several unique solutions for the restoration industry, and it will fit where most conventional air movers have difficulty. The Triad can be placed on its side to gain higher reach on “wicked” walls or placed vertically for Class 3 losses on the ceiling. The Triad has a down draft feature to dry directly underneath the air mover. The Triad offers air flow control options, having the ability to be ducted from either its in-take or out-take. The Triad is designed specifically for restoration, delivering like no other for today’s everyday real world challenges!

Model: 8.692-164.0. Item Number 8.692-164.0

Procaps Deluxe

Procaps Deluxe


• Productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort.
• Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning process removes soil while improving the overall
  carpet appearance; carpet dries in about 20 minutes while reducing water and detergent
• Uses Chemicals.
• Unique brush system features two counter-rotating brushes to effectively clean and agitate both
  sides of the carpet nap.
• Counter-rotating brushes lift and groom the carpet pile, while the debris bin catches soil and
• Streamlined, compact design makes it easier for the operator to clean in congested areas.

Item Number AP98403050

SD600 Moblie Dehumidifier

The Power SD600 is ideal for any size job. It will impress you and your customers with its high water removal of up to 63L per day.

Water Removal (30C/80%RH) 63 ltr per day
Water Removal (20C/60%RH) 33 ltr per day
Water Removal (10C/70%RH) 13 lte per day
Operating Temp. Range 1° - 38° C
Power Consumption 850 Watt
Power 230V 4.5 Amps
Rated Air Flow 600 m3/h
Control Panel Touch-pad
Defrost Type Hot-gas bypass
Air Filter HAF (High Airflow Filters)
Water Pump Centrifugal
Housing Rotomolded
Large Wheels Semi-pneumatic
Drain Hose Length 10m
Cable Length 8m
L X W X H 915X550X455mm

Force 9 Axial Air Mover

The new FORCE 9 from Dry Air Technology is cleverly designed for maximum air flow. It has greatly reduced noise level and produces the largest drying area.

‹› Power light indicators allow you to quickly identify high and low speed or air movers that are not operating because of a circuit overload.

‹› An hour meter allows you to monitor the operating time on the job.

‹› The Force 9 has a 30º wall angle guide moulded into both sides of the housing.

‹› Moulded-in performance pitch Our performance pitch design has the inner core of the fan moulded down to ensure the largest air flow to floor coverage.

‹› Reduced noise level for improved occupied environment conditions Low speed setting and a 6 blade design reduces the pitch sound and improves air flow without significant static pressure loss

‹› Stackable for operation and storage in three ways Force 9 air movers can be stacked on top of each other with air flow pitched down. Parallel air flow is achieved by turning Force 9 on its side. Several air movers can be stacked in this operating position.

The Force 9 can be operated to direct air flow up, down or in a variety of angles. The Force 9 can be stacked vertically inlet to outlet for transportation and storage.

Grout Wand

The “Grout Wand” is a grout sealer and colorant applicator, offering the following benefits:

‹› Applies the proper amount of sealer in one application
‹› Easy application with professional results
‹› Inexpensive to use - lowers labor costs
‹› For use with most sealers & colorants - including silicone, acrylic and latex products

Tempest Air Mover

Dry Air technology air movers are conveniently small and extremely lightweight yet powerful enough to create air flow beyond your expectations.

‹› Stackable for easy storage.
‹› Operates at three tilt positions.
‹› Electrical components are protected by a heavy duty polyethylene hub cap.
‹› Snout crafted to reduce air flow loss and turbulence.