Our goal is to support you throughout Australia because service comes first at Prochem.

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Prochem Australia provides unmatched service and maintenance on most brands of truckmounted equipment, portables, pumps and equipment. We are committed to minimising any downtime in your business and therefore stock the most comprehensive range of parts in Australia. You can rest assured that we can handle most situations immediately with miminal inconvenience.

When considering a truckmount purchase we encourage you to ask what process is in place to ensure you do not have downtime. Having to drive to another state to have problems solved or having to wait for parts to be shipped in when required is risky. When your machine is not working, you are not earning. Our service team are experienced in the automotive, diesel fitting, electrical and welding trades. In addition to their multiple years of experience, they are also factory training by Prochem in America to ensure your equipment receives the best service everytime to keep you earning. We have invested significantly in our staff and our service departments to ensure you are taken care of after the initial sale of the equipment is made.

Whether you need troubleshooting advice or help ordering the right part, please email our Service Manager

Prochem have qualified service technicians available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth for your convenience.

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A professional installation can increase productivity and company image dramatically. When you choose to purchase a Prochem truckmount, professional installation by our factory trained technicians is included free of charge. Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden extras you need to worry about.

We take the time to listen to your working needs so that we can plan the most effective installation for you and maximise space in your van. Consideration is also given to OH&S requirements, whether you like to work from the side or rear of your vehicle, how to store items such as airmovers, chemicals and tools easily and safely and easy access for routine maintenance. We allocate 20 hours of installation time to ensure you receive a quality installation rather than a rush job. We can also suggest design options to you for the best results.

We have an extensive library of installation photos that you can view online. If you would like more information, please contact us at your convenience.     

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Our talented service team perform most fabrication work on-site with attention to detail. No matter how large or small your requirements, what type of vehicle or trailer you have, we can happily assist.

‹›  Needs we can fulfill: Carrying fresh water for remote location jobs.

‹› Airmover and dehumidifier racking for restoration companies.

‹› Lockable storage draws for public safety and to deter theft of equipment.

‹› Live water-in hose reels to minimise set up times.

‹› Wash-down hoses for easy end-of-day maintenance of waste tanks. Also ideal for filling chemical bottles with hot water from your van.

‹› Customised carpeting of floors, walls, ceilings and cargo barriers.

Fibreglass flooring, false floors with storage compartments, customised racking for storage of special tools

What makes our installations unique?

‹› Clear and accessible layouts with ease of servicing as a top priority.

‹› Water hose locks to keep water spills to a minimum.

‹› Highest quality paint work and powdercoating processes.

‹› The strongest hose reel mounts specially fabricated to ensure they will last as long as your van does.

‹› Quality waste outlets making it easier to dump waste water.

‹› Quick Release designed hose reels are supplied standard with our installatoins for ease of removal during servicing.

‹› Our machines are fully bolted and studded (not just screwed) to your van. This ensures there is no movement - a must for safety.

‹› We use only the highest grade marine carpeting.

‹› All installed items are mounted on special blocks to maximise airflow.

‹› Emulsifier bottles are supplied standard for the end-stage chemical injection system.

‹› Wand brackets are supplied standard and positioned with easy access in mind.

‹› Fuel tanks are tapped with professional fittings that will last and not leak.

‹› Every truckmount has a stainless steel plating positioned at the front of the machine for presentation and to catch any chemical or water drips.

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After-Sales support is one of the most important factors to consider when making an equipment purchase. Buying a product without product support can put your company in an extremely vulnerable position when problems arise. Thatís why we take great pains to build the best equipment in the industry and then back it up with parts, service and training. When you have questions or encounter problems, you need fast solutions to keep your equipment on the job and producing income.

We service all styles of truckmounts, portables and equipment. Please ask about our Scheduled Maintenance Program where you will know exactly what each service will cost you before you book.

Why is servicing important? Regular servicing ensures the long life and trouble free performance of your machine. Having your machine serviced by a Prochem Certified Technicain ensures your machine will run at its peak constantly limiting downtime. It also has the added benefit of maximising your trade-in price when it comes time to upgrade.

We have more than 30 regional specialists able to handle repairs and maintenance tasks under the direction of our Melbourne office. Please contact Juha Pulkka for details at

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Always use geniune oils and filters for the engine of your truckmount. This will ensure the longest life of your motor. We stock Kohler, Nissan and Briggs and Stratton oil and filters for your convenience.

Use a Prochem Certified Service Agent to service your truckmount. This will ensure the warranty on your machine is maintained, and because they are factory trained they know more about your truckount than untrained agents.

Always service your truckmount as per the Service Schedule in your owners manual. This will ensure your machine operates at optimum performance and minimise downtime. Service schedules vary however oils and filters should be changed at 50 and 100 hours.

Rinse waste tank filters and tanks out at the end of each day. Apply a cap full of Fluorosil Odour Neutraliser for added freshness.


Have vacuum motors checked every 400 hours by your service agent. You may only need your brushes replaced rather than a whole vacuum motor saving time and money.

Foam is not friendly to vacuum motors. Ensure you use a defoamer to deter foaming in the waste tank of your portable. Prochem defoamers are available in liquid and powder form - S762 and S765.

Keep air pressure in pneumatic wheels at optimal level for ease of stair climbing.

Clean waste tanks out daily.

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Unique to Prochem Australia, this program shows how Prochem continue to strive to offer you more value for your dollar.

Prochem guarantee to re-purchase your truckmount back at the 1, 2, 3 and 4 year mark providing it has been operated and serviced according to the Prochem manual. We also guarantee to pay you a minimum of 50% of the purchase price in the first year, 40% in the second year, 30% in the third year and 20% in the fourth year and there-after.

There is no fine print. This rock-solid guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind. You will never be left with a unit that has poor resale value or worth less than its residual payout.

As well as the financial benefit, our Guaranteed Buy Back Program will ensure you will always be up to date with the latest technology Prochem has to offer. Another reason why investing in a Prochem truckmount is a smart business decision.

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