We upgraded our fleet this year with a new Prochem Everest 650 and a new Mercedes Vito.

The Everest 650 is my first Prochem truckmount and it has exceeded all my expectations in every area of what a truckmount should be capable of doing.

It produces all the hot water that I want and the extraction leaves the carpets drying much more quickly than any other truckmount Iíve used.

My business is increasing because my customers are delighted at the results I am giving them with each job I do. The affect is that by word of mouth Iím getting new customers ringing me because of what they are hearing from my present clients.

I just want to say thank you to everyone at Prochem for all the help and assistance Iíve received. They are a very professional team.

George & Maria Hadwan
2 Fresh Carpet Cleaning

2Fresh Carpet

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Colin Davey
Carpet Carpet Cleaning
Warrnambool Victoria

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Hi Roland,

I just wanted to send you a letter on behalf of City Property Services thanking you for your high level of carpet cleaning knowledge. This has helped ProChem Australia cement a long term relationship with City Property Services by providing on site assessment and the expertise needed to improve the end result and maintain a high level of carpet cleaning for our company. The after-sale follow up support was greatly appreciated and we were enthused with the superior results obtained from the products used. You went beyond expectations by providing one-on-one assistance with our cleaner and discussing the chemicals used and proper cleaning techniques.

We look forward to doing future business with you.

Kind regards,

Emmett Roche

City Property Services

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Hi Roland and Brisbane Team

I would like to say thank you for all the help you provided me and your patience over the phone with my enquiries. Your services has helped me satisfy my clients with quality carpet cleaning.

Keep up the good work with your customers.

Aussie Carpet and Tile Care

Aussie Carpet & Tile Care

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The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of the Prochem team from sales through to reception is exceptional, they are always honest in their recommendations and follow up on customer service.

Prochemís workshop and after sales service has been incredible Ė the effort that they go to support a client in regional NSW has been above and beyond our expectations.

Their hospitality has always been welcoming and we have always been made to feel like a valued client.

Our multiple Prochem truck mount units (Everest 650ís) provide us with the versatility and reliability to offer a diverse range of services within our business- including carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery and flood restoration.

We are a company that is rapidly developing. Prochem offers us a complete support package that assists us to become a leader in the industry. Prochem have won our business and friendship. We look forward to this continuing into the future.

John & Megan Martin
John Martin Total Property Services
Cleaning, Restoration & Remediation

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Hi Teresa

Just wanted to pass on to yourself and Brett compliments on the standard of customer service in your Melbourne office.

We just bought a new van and second hand machine. Phil, Laura and Karl have been a pleasure to deal with, friendly and professional. The whole experience was quite painless and there are not many places left today that offer that kind of service.

The machine is fantastic and the installation is spot on.

We will certainly be coming back your way next time we need something.

Please pass on our thanks to the guys.

Hope all is well with you and Brett.

Trudy & Gary Jackson
Kingborough Carpet Care

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Hi Roland and Phil

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and communication during my recent purchase of the Legend GT.

Your fit out of the machine is first class and the instructions on operating it were easily understood. (They must have been, I got it ).

This machine has exceeded my expectations with its HOT water and ample vacuum. So far there has been no need for any servicing but with the simplicity of this machine I'm sure nothing will be a hassle when the time comes.

Thanks again
Boambee Carpet Cleaning

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Itís not easy holding the number one spot.

Cleanmore Cleaning Service has been in the business of cleaning carpets for almost 70 years and we have held the top spot all this time. We are therefore always looking for new way to save time and money, and at the same time giving our customers 100% total satisfaction. Recently, Cleanmore became part of the Days PTL group and have over 32 fulltime staff in cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Cleanmore is based in Leeton, NSW. We have been using the Prochem range of products for nearly 12 months and have saved over $45,000 in wages. The time and labour saving is what Prochem products give us and is almost too much to put into words. We are yet to change over to the Prochem range in other parts of the country, but from the results we are achieving from using the Prochem chemical range in NSW, it will not be long.

Thankyou Prochem. Your products have been a very pleasant experience for us.

Peter Day
Leeton NSW.

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Teresa & Brett,

Thank you for all your support and for the jacket and hamper. Your equipment and chemicals are impressive and have improved our business and the quality of work that we are producing. I have provided some photos of how we managed to fit in a Cymex machine, tile cleaning gear and pest control equipment into the remaining space. This may assist you if faced with a similar configuration problem.

The Legend XL is very user friendly. After day one, we have worked out a happy rhythm and speed is improving.

FYI, the machine is going great. We have just recorded our biggest month ever, 30 % up on last year. We havenít turned away a job since taking on the new machine..

We have found your team in Brisbane excellent and look forward to working together.

Thanks again,
Michael & Kim Grimes
Classic Carpet Cleaning

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Hi Teresa,

How are you all. All is well at our end. Clients are just absolutely amazed with the results we get from the truckmount and not to forget your products. We get a kick out of it and just canít wait to do more and more. It is a fantastic machine. Very very happy.

We love you Prochem.
Kylie Lindsay
Swifty Clean
Moranbah Q 4744

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I thought it was about time I sent you a little note with regards to the Prochem Performer I purchased from you. I have to say that I am disappointed, disappointed, that is, because I hadn't purchased one of these machines years ago! The machine has been extremely reliable except for a couple of little niggles that have been quickly rectified. In fact, the speed with which they were dealt with was frightening!

Plenty of heat, even without the catalytic converter. Converting the Performer to gas has made it even more economical (cheaper to run than my old diesel powered machine), plenty of suction/airflow, and good water delivery makes for a machine that is a pleasure to start up and use every day. Even after 12 months, the machine continues to amaze and satisfy me day after day for its reliability and ease of use.

It's been a fantastic machine to use and your service has been second to none, I really could not recommend either your good selves or the Prochem range strongly enough! Downtime and/or bad service (which is rampant in this industry) is something that no-one can afford, least of all me, and I am certainly happy with my choice.

Hope to see you again soon, hopefully with another to go onto the road in the near future.

Frank Preo
FreshAire Carpet Cleaning
Thronlie, Western Australia

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Since installing the Bruin II in May 1997, I have never looked back. This superb machine has done about 3500 hours without missing a beat. I have been very impressed with the delivery of parts ordered as I have received them within a few days and not a few weeks as been know to happen before. The technical information passed onto me has always been spot-on. If I am unsure about the prognosis, it has always been confirmed with me a second time after contacting the right person in the Prochem USA factory. To me, Teresa is an invaluable money saving service for which I cannot thank you and Prochem enough.

As far as the cleaning of carpets is concerned, I've had nothing but positive comments from clientele. I can now advertise cleaner, drier carpets and know that Ican deliver this result better than ever before. The word seems to be getting around and the work is now more satisfying because of the results.

One particular office which requires cleaning once a fortnight is always full of mud, diesel fuel and grease, but start up the Bruin, and the job becomes as easy as one of those adverts for Spray and Wipe!

Thankyou again for your support, by the way, when the battery of my van suddenly went flat one winter, guess who came to the rescue? I just hooked a jumper lead from the machine to the van battery and within a minute I was mobile. The machine has proved to be more versatile than the brochures said.

Let me give you a run down of the extras Prochem don't boast about:

1. The back of the van makes a very good drying room for all those small mats our rellies want us to clean. You can give them back bone dry.

2. The suction side of things is very useful for unblocking sinks and drains

3. You don't need to call the RAC when the battery of your van is flat

4. If you are hanging out for a cuppa first thing, just crank up the big blue kettle.

Neil Lanternier
Action Carpet Cleaning
Ballajura, Western Australia.

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Making my mind up after a live Prochem demonstration, stepping up from an electric portable to a self-powered Truckmount was not only made easy by Prochem but also very informative due to the friendly atmosphere and professionalism of Brett Holman and Teresa Fomiatti.

Before installing my shiny new Truckmount, Brett carried out a practical demonstration and explained the service procedures required. Being present during the entire fitting process, I was very impressed with Brett's ability and initiative, coupled with Teresa's smiling face and free pizzas. At the end of the day, I drove out of the Townsville Showroom with a big smile on my face, and I'm still smiling! Why? Because of all the referrals I'm now getting from my shiny new Blazer Plus!

Geoff Lillas
Lillaís Carpet Cleaning
Townsville. Queensland

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When you buy these machines, you go out everyday with a van full of confidence!

Steve Adams
Air Fresh Carpet Cleaning
Glenbrook N.S.W.

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Since purchasing my Prochem Blazer Plus, my carpet and upholstery jobs have been made easier and faster, the efficiency of the machine gives me more free time, or time for more jobs.

The Blazer Plus is easy and light to use and I feel that I have made a sound investment in purchasing a Prochem product.

Trevor Gates
Class Carpet Cleaning
Charters Towers, Queensland.

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When it was time to replace our Truckmount, we decided that our new machine must be reliable, tough and economical. Our inquiries stopped at the Prochem range of machines. We chose the Performer 405 for its dual wand capability, and its ability to maintain excellent and consistent temperatures.

Ironically, the waste water of the Performer is hotter than the water my previous Truckmount could produce! Prochem meets our criteria for quality and support and we are so pleased and confident that we have made the right choice.

Steve and Caz Beltrame
Whitehouse Cleaning
Yinnar, Victoria.

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When I bought my cleaning business four years ago, I inherited a Hydramaster that had been modified which gave me nothing but grief. Now I have my new Performer 405, I start the machine and start cleaning and don't have to worry about the machine. For the last four years, I have averaged $40 per hour and it has been hard work. Now with my Performer 405, I can finish the jobs faster and I am making $80.00 an hour.

I first saw Prochem Australia advertised in one of the Carpet Cleaning Magazines. One Saturday afternoon after work, I rang the number in the ad and Teresa answered which really surprised me as most businesses are closed at this time. I spoke to Teresa and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue cleaning carpets. Prochem Australia sent me some information and so did Carpet Cleaners Warehouse. I compared the two products and the Performer 405 was bigger and more powerful than a new Hydromaster was. Brett also came to our house and installed my machine. All you need to do is shout him lunch and he works hard all day!

Ron Morris
Abigails Cleaning Co.
Mt Isa. Queensland.

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I have been operating the Performer 405 for twelve months now and have been more than happy with its performance. I feel confident taking on any size job, knowing that the machine can handle it with no problems. Every time I turn the key, I know that there will be no problems.

Previously, we had been using older style truckmounts and find that there is no comparison to the 405. We had noticed a difference in cleanliness of carpets and a much quicker drying time from our very first job with the Performer. We are earning more money with one machine than we had previously with two machines. The 405 runs more economically and is much quieter.

When quoting jobs, we tell our customers about the machine which has given us a 90% acceptance rate. Because my machinery is now cleaning carpets better, I am home much earlier, or as said previously, fitting more jobs into a day depending on how I feel.

The Backup service from Prochem Australia has been exceptional. They are always just a phone call away with whatever query I have answered. And lets not forget the great tax advantages. 30% depreciation in the first year! I would not have any hesitation in recommending the Performer 405 to any serious Carpet Cleaner.

Kevin Eagles
Village Carpet Care
Bunbury. Western Australia

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My Performer 405 is now 3 years old with a perfect score for reliability. A well-built machine, a comprehensive manual and its ease to maintain have helped me to achieve this.

In the past, I have made a horrible mistake in purchasing a truckmount that suited my business requirements at the time, only to outgrow it within 12 months. The Performer 405 has the power and versatility never to be outgrown.

To describe the 405 in one word, I would have to say 'Blistering'. Still to this day, its performance dazzles me on any task I put to it.

Geoff Littman
Fyna Clean
Cairns. Queensland.

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As my old Truckmount was suffering from old age, it was time to update. Having looked and talked a lot, the decision was made to purchase a Prochem machine. The reasons:

* The only machine available locally

* Superb workmanship and finish

* Total back-up support, and of course, the

* Bilstering heat and ease of operation.

Having a hands-on demonstration of the Legend SE gave me the opportunity to run it along side my old gear and I was amazed at the difference. Even the smallest P

rochem truckmount, the Blazer Plus, out performed it! The first 3 days saw 25 hours on the clock with a small water leak showing. A phone call to Brett and it was fixed immediately. Great service and back up!

I was so impressed with the quality of the Prochem range, that we have now changed our wands, stair tool and upholstery tool to Prochem. Undoubtedly their cleaning solutions will be of the same high calibre and I look forward to using them too.

To a very professional team Brett and Teresa, thankyou from another TOTAL Prochem convert!

Noel Lee
FCC Carpet Cleaning
Townsville. Queensland.

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Our Company Motto is "Committed to ExcellenceĒ and we could not stand behind that statement, unless we used the best equipment available.

Our commitment to quality, and by that I mean consistent quality, must be backed by the machines we use, and with Prochem we have found a standard of cleaning higher than we have ever been able to achieve before.

Mark Langrell
Butler Carpet Cleaning
Sydney. N.S.W.

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Going from a small electric portable, the Performer 405 has been a revelation to me in the last five or six months since installation. The power and efficiency gives me more time to attend to the annoying spots and stains which are really bugging the customer, knowing that the extraction process is now the easy part of the job, and not the hardest and that the clients carpets will dry in the shortest possible time. When I think of all the jobs which I'd done in the previous four years with my little portable (although to the best of my ability, and not one customer complaint I might add) I cringe with embarrassment. COME AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Bob Mc Kenzie
Stirling Carpet Cleaning
Doubleview. Western Australia

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We just wanted to take a few moments and thankyou for your special service and utmost quality products. The combination of the two have made our new purchase of the Legend SE machine much easier and more pleasurable. We have now had our Legend SE on the road for over a month and we are really pleased with making the choice of buying another Prochem machine. The two of you combined make a great team and all of your hard work and efforts are paying off with another satisfied customer.

Not too many years ago, Dobbie Carpet Care was just like all the other carpet cleaning companies. When we realised we didn't want to stay in that stereotype, David and I began restructuring our business and purchasing newer and better equipment to maintain the image we wanted to project. A lot of research, time and money was put into deciding on which machine would best suit our needs to maintain the quality service and results desired. That is when we decided to buy our first Prochem machine. We have now been running our Performer 405 for over 2 years, and have never looked back. Not only have we noticed a great difference in the outcome of results, our customers have even complimented on our 'better' than before results. We have also used the dual wand facility on larger jobs which has cut the total cleaning time down by one-half, which ultimately means more money in our pocket and less stress on the technicians body.

When we decided to purchase another machine, we did a lot of homework on various other machines and discussed performance and satisfaction with a network of other carpet cleaners throughout Australia. We found that the owners of Prochem machines were hands-down much more satisfied with their machines than the others were with theirs. And I must say, the after-sale service received from you and your staff is excellent. All of this input didn't make our decision to buy another Prochem, it just sealed the deal!

We thank you again for all of your continued support and kind service. Dealing with Prochem Australia is dealing with the best!

Dave and Jacqui Campbell
Dobbie Carpet Care
Canberra. ACT.

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I would like to thankyou as an organization for the level of service that we have enjoyed. From the time Brett gave me the demo, through all the rest of the hoops thus far, the courtesy and the genuine nature of all the personalities, has shone through.

The outlay for a five-bob outfit like ours was indeed daunting to say the least. Not that your collective bedside manner can make the dollars turn any quicker, but just to deal with people who are obviously sincere and who care makes a world of difference. We were treated very well in Melbourne with both Jeff and Russel going out of their way to make things as easy as possible. The follow-up by Jeff was appreciated and Russell's willingness to drop whatever he was busy with so as to assist with the teething phas over the phone reminds me of a service that I thought had died!

Your own pleasantness on the phone, as well as Nicky's little notes on the invoice have also been much appreciated. Tomorrow I am heading to Newcastle where I am to learn a bit more about the consumable products and I have no doubt that the treatment will be just as kind! Thank you all! Hopefully the investment will bear fruit but even if I go broke, its just so good to be dealing with nice folks!

Nigel du Plooy
Sincerity Cleaning
Caringbah. NSW.

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Just a short note to let you know that we are really impressed with the quality of service your company provides.

As our business depends on the efficient delivery of our services usually on a tight and regular schedule, we rely on consistently dependable service from suppliers like you to keep schedules and satisfy our clients.

As for the purchase of my new portable, your help and hard work to solve teething problems arising for me, together with the exceptional performance of the machine have far surpassed my expectations. Our sincere thanks also for the extension of time (and patience) given for payment of the machine. This has been an enormous help.

Again we greatly appreciate your high standard of efficiency and reliability of all your business interactions. We look forward to a long and mutually profitable business association with you.

Neil Lanternier
Action Carpet Cleaning
Ballajura. Western Australia.

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"The heat and vacuum on my Legend XL are even better than on my old Legend SE. It's always hot and ready to go. I am very happy with its performance. I also like it because of how easy it is to maintain and the less number of parts on it."

Greg King
Kingston Carpet Cleaning

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"The heating and efficiency of my Peak is brilliant. It is very simplistic and everything is consistent, there are no highs or lows. The heat is always there, more than you need. It does everything that I need to do. I have not had a single problem with it!"

Rod Hurd
Hurd's Carpet Cleaning

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"I have done just over 1000 hours on my Everest. The water is really hot. It is a magnificent machine. I haven't had a single problem in 12 months. It is the best thing I ever did. I thought I was really good when I had my Performer 405, but this is even better!"

Colin Davey
Colin Davey Carpet Cleaning

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"The Everest is an absolutely fantastic machine. It is so versatile. I use it for outside and inside, high pressure and low pressure. I like using the Prochem presprays too because they work really well. I have never had a breakdown and I have done 600 hours. I would buy a Prochem again no question about it. The heat is incredible. My customers can't believe just how dry I leave their carpets."

Gavin Hancox
Gavin Hancox Carpet Cleaning

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"I have cleaned up to 8000 square metres and up 12 stories with my Everest. I run 7 and 8 lengths of hose and am more than happy with my Everest's heat and vacuum. It stays hot the whole job. It is a really good package."

Bob Donaldson
Burley Griffin Carpet Care

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"For me, the Everest machine would have to be the best I have ever seen. My customers are very, very mpressed with the finished product. They can't believe how clean it gets everything. It leaves a professional finish and that is important to everybody. In a single word, 'Professional, very professional'. I am extremely happy and would recommend Prochem to anyone... and I already do!"

Tony Ryle
TRS Hard Surface Cleaning

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"Everyone I have dealt with at Prochem has been so professional. I am really pleased I made the decision to purchase the Everest. The professionalism and customer service that your company gives is miles above anyone else."

Marlon Marescia
TileCo Tile Cleaners

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